production mode

in november of last year, i applied (along with 90 other artisans from around the country) to be featured in a special section of a one of the largest craft shows in the country. i was accepted and will be 1 of 15 artisans displaying and selling their work in a space designed and underwritten by the organization that puts the show together (not sure if i am supposed to announce this yet-so am being slightly vague)(more later) i'm honored to be chosen and super-excited to be given an opportunity to take part in a show of this size and magnitude (and $$cost$$!)
so, this means that nearly every waking moment that i am not working or cleaning or mothering - will be spent in production-mode! at certain times, it feels as if my mind is going to explode with all the other things i need to be considering (packaging, pricing, take-away promotional info, selling accessories, packing process == as my sister and i will be FLYING to the show, everything must fit in suitcases!) YIKES!
i must keep everything in perspective and take it one step at a time. step 1: production of wood pieces. i've added cherry to my wood-offerings and must admit i'm totally in love with it right now! it is lighter than the walnut and wenge but still much warmer than a maple.

here you can see the blue acrylic, cherry and walnut versions of the rolling-TOPO necklace. i am making some ground....breathe...........

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