"make my day" award

first wendy, in california, and then kirsten, in melbourne, honored me with the "make my day" award today - i'm so touched that i'm blushing! i sometimes wonder if anyone (besides myself) is (proof) reading this little blog of mine -- thanks you-two ... you're on my list as well!

this is how the award works:
1. write a post with links to 5 blogs that make your day;
2. acknowledge the post of the award giver
3. tell the award winners they've won by commenting on their blogs.

i'm a newcomer to this blog world - so my list of blogs-that-make-my-day can pretty much be found in the column to the right, but here are some thoughts on a couple of them & two random-throw-ins that i don't have listed links to:

1. uniform studio : i've known martha for many years - first through the minnesota-architecture community and now through our respective design/making endeavors. i'm endlessly inspired by her!

2. assemblage : an architect, mother, maker across the world in australia who i have recently discovered and love to check-up on -- it also fascinates me to learn about and think about the architecture and design and seasons in her world ...

3. dozi : wonderful graphic/paper design ... go to her flickr and look at the print materials at her wedding - lovely!!!

4. dan wilson's blog-thing : a minneapolis musician/grammy winning-song writer/rock star who is using his voice and talent and passion to speak out and make a difference. he's fantastic in concert, his music/lyrics get into your bones and i absolutely love the fact that he has stayed in minneapolis and that he is PROUD of what that means -- even if it means that we are passive-agressive ;)

5. dooce : this woman writes a letter to her daughter every month - i've wanted to do the same, but her eloquence intimidates me and i've failed to do so as of yet.....

thanks to all who might be reading & please feel free to comment if you haven't in the past!
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