SKYWAY OPEN part1: golfing

nearly 2 weeks ago (already!) souliyahn, silo and i were invited by boB (feyereisen studios) and susi to go golfing downtown in the skyways for the SKYWAY OPEN- a fundraiser for the boys & girls club. the event was great fun - and comprised of mini-golf holes that were designed by local architecture & design firms . our t-time was at 12:00-noon and it took us 2 hours to golf all 18 holes that were placed throughout the skyway in the heart of downtown minneapolis. i'm including images of the holes we rememberd to take photograph (there was a point in time, when we were slightly pre-occupied with getting silo to fall asleep in the stroller and forgot to take a couple shots...) the coolest part was that the game was played as a "scramble" - each stroke was played off of the best shot of each player so that the final score was literally the best possible scenario. we got a handful of hole-in-ones and ened-up many strokes under par. super fun game!