SKYWAY OPEN part2: 1st place design!

as i mentioned, each hole in the SKYWAY OPEN was designed and built by local architecture and design firms. that includes silvercocoon & feyereisen studios. souliyahn and boB and susi collaborated on the design & fabrication of hole #13 -(tia had nothing to do with it - except talking it up to the judges)-
the theme this year was MINNEAPOLIS 2050
hole #13 was designed based on a couple key ideas/concepts looking head to 2050. --> the hole was designed to be a left-handed hole (they actually requested that only left-handed putters be provided at the hole) -not because either of them are left-handed -but because they wanted the hole to be slightly uncomfortable to golf - because the decisions that need to be made (environmentally, socially etc.) going forward are going to be more difficult than they've been and will require extra effort given the challenges we face. figuratively, the hole is also based on the concept of "cradle to cradle" - you start the hole in the same place where it ends (the ball actually returns to the starting point, once you make it into the hole.) - the hole itself is made from strips plywood that were "dumpster-dived" from a local wood-fabricater - and were, themselves, recycled. it is virtually impossible to get a hole in one on the hole - but was almost more exciting when a select-few made a hole-in-two, simply because the hole was difficult to play and truly required people to strategize and engage the intricacies of the hole in order to get it in in two strokes.
because of the design-aspect of the event - there was a design-jury that visited each hole and reviewed the design based on certain criteria. at the after-party (or 19th hole - as they say in golf) the event organizers and the mayor (rt rybak) announced the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place holes and presented silver cups and generous gift certificate awards to each firm. images of the winning holes can be seen on the official website here - but we were pretty excited when they announced that hole #13 had won the 1st place award! yeah! way to go bob & souliyahn!!!
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