one of the most valuable lessons i learned in architecture school was the importance of documenting your work. photographing your finished project not only gave you material for your portfolio, but it gave closure and perspective. it is just as valuable to document your ideas and process; the parts that make the whole of your concept. often times it is the revisiting of my intial ideas for something that inspire new directions and new outcomes. but ultimately, organizing my designs clears my mind in ways that allow me to refine details, make improvements, and recognize my progress.

this is a catalog that i put together {in april} to send out to potential retailers. i made some tweeks to the test-catalog and feel that this one is a decent representation of my jewelry, given that i did everything myself. {sigh} it is a place to start.... i have since adapted the bulk of the catalog so that the individual designs in my 2008 collection can be previewed online {you can find a permanent link to the right.} any shops that are interested in more specific {wholesale} ordering information can request a catalog by emailing me {tia[at]silvercocoon[dot]com}
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