you can imagine the adrenaline that was running through my veins, as i pick-up the new issue of READYMADE magazine at borders this morning {monday} given that i received a call last thursday from someone who had received their issue in the mail and saw our article in it. i waited almost 4 days before seeing it for myself. it is not really that long, considering we waited nearly a year for the Big Chill article to come out in Midwest Home magazine. i suppose that is actually more common, although this READYMADE article was on the super fast track. i got the first call about the possibility of a photo shoot while i was in Chicago - in December - just over 1 month ago!! the photo shoot took place the week after i returned, and it is really quite remarkable that it was printed and distributed as early as January 22nd. a lot of magic happening over at READYMADE! Needless to say, we are "pretty pretty" excited over here, as my old boss from germany used to say. pretty pretty, indeed!

berit torkelson did a{nother} fantastic job writing this article about us. and we had such a fun day spent with the photographer kim cornelison and her husband alfie and crew during the 10-hour photo shoot. i was happy to see their faces on the contributors page {i highlighted them in red} at the back of the magazine ... but wait! who else do i see???? .. a set of eyes {and glasses} i would recognize anywhere .. my friend MARTHA {in grey} from uniform studio!! she wrote a "how-to" article on making scarves out of old sweaters on page 32. pretty pretty perfect!
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