point of no return

i have been refraining from blogging about one of the big projects i'm working on this summer. it is just one phase of a multi-level "action-plan" that i have set-out for myself/my business - but is certainly the most fun & exciting. i've been working with my photographer friend, paige, on a project that will culminate in a new catalog for my jewelry. we have completed three of the four photo-shoots we've committed to. the last one is scheduled for this thursday. we've reached the point of no return, so i figured i could at least talk about it now.

i have never collaborated with someone in this way before. i met paige late last year through a mutual friend and on our 3rd meeting, back in early may, i invited her over for lunch in the airstream to propose working on a project together. i tend to be a bit of a control-freak, so the fact that i initiated handing over such a huge portion of the "vision" for something that will ultimately represent my work, was HUGE. i can't explain why, but i felt compelled and entirely confident in asking Paige to collaborate with me and i have come to trust her, admire her and am quite in awe of her ability to pull magic into the frame of her lens.

i think that we both have grown and learned an immense amount in the past months. there are many decisions that we've made (or not made) that have molded the scope & content of the work and with each shoot we have mastered a new element. i have to say that i could not be happier with the work that we have produced so far. i cannot wait to share it with you, but really want to wait to share the complete project -- as a complete vision... (for those in the minneapolis/st. paul area, put september 12th on your calendars! i'll be having a trunk show & catalog release party at Danish Teak Classics in the Northrup King Building from 11-5 that day!)
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