flip & tumble

a year ago, i bought 4 reusable bags by flip & tumble from a local design store. i have always had a weakness for bags (of all kinds) and, at the time, had even been sewing my own reusable bags, as gifts for friends, that were based on a simple clothe grocery bag that i had purchased from a grocery store in finland in 2007. i tell you all of this, because i had no business buying another grocery bag - let alone FOUR of them! but, i loved them. i loved the thoughtfulness of materials, colors and design-details. i loved the cleanly designed product-tag. i loved that they folded into themselves and even more that they became a little round ball. the thing i love the most, however, is the fact that i actually USE them. more than any other reusable bag i own. and mostly for groceries because i always have them with me. (sure, there are little things that i would personally like to see - like offering a version with a longer strap for wearing across my body, or a version with 2 shorter handles for carrying in my hand with my arm straight down.) but i must say that it is a fantastic bag! i'm so tempted to get a new one in a different color to add to the mix.
so, you can imagine my pleasure to find their newest offering. a produce bag - sold in sets of 5. i've often hated the fact that i bring my own bags to the grocery store, but use those plastic produce bags for fruits and veggies (granted i've pretty much stopped buying veggies all together this summer because of our garden) ... and i'm not yet convinced i'll transition to this new habit very quickly. but for only $11 i thought perhaps it is a habit i can attempt. if it doesn't go well, at least i can use the bags for packing other items in my suitcase when i travel.