seconds ....

it is late. i should be going to bed. i've been working for hours preparing and laying out images for a website refresh that is planned to coincide with the catalog release and instead of actually going to bed, i felt the crazy need to catch-up on some blogs. i checked today's outfit on the uniform project and was looking back and despite having seen sunday's outfit on sunday - it hadn't registered that she was wearing my THIN bracelets again. for a second i thought my mind just mixed things up (because i should be going to bed!) .. but no. she is indeed wearing them again. (i hope that means that she likes them.)
...... wow. i'm so flattered.

*reminder for the locals: i will be one of 12 presenters (am actually going 2nd) at the 2nd Pecha Kucha Night at The Lab wednesday night. mingling at 7pm - presentations start at 8pm. come - it'll be good for your mind!