Local-to-Global 14 November 11-5

The current issue of the Walker Magazine has designated a full page to a jewelry collage for the upcoming Jewelry Artist Mart on November 14th that I will be taking part in. I am very honored to have two pieces featured in the spread again. The BUNCH necklace in black acrylic and olive leather and the WOOD_STRIPE bracelet in paduak and wenge woods. I love the feeling of the collection they featured. Very different feel from the local mart this May, but still the same high standards when it comes to quality of representation. (photo by Cameron Wittig)
For the record, it is 7pm on Halloween and I am sitting alone in my house with a bowl of candy, waiting for the neighbor kids to ring the door bell. Only the ticking of the clock and my keyboard are keeping me company. My son is out tricking and treating with my husband. while I am inside nursing a cup of hot tea due to cold-symptoms that came on yesteday. YUCK. I think I'll blame it on the rain....even if the sun did shine for a little bit today.