one picture

The trunk show at Gallery 360 last Thursday was a lot of fun. I dropped off 2 boxes of jewelry for the show on Wednesday and then just showed-up on Thursday evening to find that Merry had done a wonderful job setting-up the displays. There were 3 featured jewelry artists and we each had a pedestal on wheels that was set-up with a plexi-glass case, hanging rack, "slab" and a mirror - like you see in this ... the ONE picture that I took that night - with my cell phone! (arghh) I realized when I got there that I forgot my camera. The "documentor" in me just about died. Luckily I had at least photographed the work before dropping it off, so I will be sharing some of the newer pieces from the show in the next post. --- My friend, Martha, from Uniform Natural (formerly Uniform Studio) was there all evening and it was so much fun to catch-up with her. My mom and aunt drove down from up north for a day of shopping that ended at the trunk show (thanks for making the treck!) Thanks to everyone who came to the show. I met many lovely women who (if I do say so myself) looked so smashing in my jewelry!