white holiday

I often marvel at how cyclical I have become as I get older. I like living in Minnesota because of the distinct seasons - it helps to clarify the undercurrent of moods and cravings and attitudes that consume me through the year. When I lived in Finland, the cycle of the sun in combination with the seasons illustrated it even more drastically. We have entered winter ... and I love winter. I love the crisp air, the sound and smell of snow in the air and under my feet. I love the way in which it redefines the outdoor spaces around our house and the city...and I love that we can move it and shape it and make it into things.
So, for someone who loves winter, we are receiving (perhaps) the BEST Christmas gift this year... a blizzard on Christmas Eve!! We are nestled-in with family on the hill in Duluth overlooking a city that is barely visible through the falling & blowing snow. Reports say that we may get 22 inches in Duluth because of lake-effects from Lake Superior. The combination of normal holiday excitement with the excitement that comes with a big snow storm makes for a stellar holiday!

Here's wishing you and yours a happy holiday -- and the equivalent of a big ole' blizzard!!