blog/facebook/ huh?

I struggle sometimes, when there isn't enough time in the day .... I have found myself using facebook instead of this blog and it forces me to question the function of each - because they're not really the same thing. I've found in the past that this blog has functioned like my memory - a record, a diary, a calendar of my creative process and schedule. I started using our silvercocoon-facebook page to highlight blog posts and I felt that it was redundant...that facebook was the "repeat" of what I'd already done.

Lately (and mostly since I've been pregnant) their roles have reversed. I'm not sure if it is because of the way that facebook functions; how it allows interaction and immediate sharing of information ... or if, simply, it is just faster to pop a pic up on the wall with a quick, quirky-like caption and I can call it a day. ---- Even this train of thought is classic blog not facebook. My next thought is - do you even care? is hard (given who I am in this case) to decipher the thoughts that spin inside this prego-brain of mine. Relevant? Not-relevant? TOTALLY wacko!!??

Anyway, I have lost hold of the memory that this blog used to hold. My goal for the New Year is to get back into the habit ... for my sake. (and maybe for yours?)
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