So, last week I sat down with Dawn & Jonathan Rundman at the their kitchen table to have a conversation for the Creativity Drill podcast, and the episode went live today! (You can click the image above to listen in itunes for free. If you don't have itunes, you can also watch it here.)  The podcast is run - unedited - all 90+ minutes of it!

It was great fun!! I was nervous, because I know that most of the time they have the mics rolling from the very moment that their guests walk in the door. Luckily for me, I got a minute or two to situate myself before they started rolling. We talked about a whole bunch of stuff from Finland to architecture to how I started making jewelry to parenting to finding one's voice and navigating social media. 

I have long struggled to know the right balancing point for me with social media. As a designer/maker I feel it is necessary to maintain an active presence, but where is the line drawn between promoting my work and sharing my personal/family life with family and friends who do not live near us? Is there a line? Should there be a line? Now-a-days one can have so many different handles and profiles and faces to show to the world, and I really feel like we all would benefit from more REALness in our lives. In that vein, I have allowed my @tia_silvercocon Instagram feed to be a catch-all/share-all sort of thing. I said in the podcast that I'm not sure that we need another business-front-only sort of profile ..... and then .... 

You know what I did today? I heard that Instagram was making it easier to switch between more than one instragram account .... .... .... so, I created a separate @silvercocoon handle. So that we can share our work ... devoid of our personal baggage.  [sigh] Of course I did.  Perhaps it will be overwhelming. Perhaps it will be liberating. Perhaps it will allow me to feel a greater separation of my life from my work ... and maybe that is healthy for me right now. I guess time will tell.