INDEX jewelry stand

INDEX jewelry stand


Originally designed as a fixture to display 18 versions of the same earring, the INDEX translates well to both store fixture and personal use.

STORE FIXTURE: Pair multiple INDEX fixtures with the Minus Plus stand (with matching base) to create a comprehensive display. The front tab makes it easy to pull the INDEX out to see the full contents of the stand.

PERSONAL USE: Group several together for compact storage of A LOT of earrings, or use one for earrings and a few bracelets. The base works well as a tray for rings and stud earrings.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. 


Translated from Danish, FLOTIFORM means 'beautiful form" 

Flotiform is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is a part of T/S Collaborative, a design partnership between Tia Keobounpheng and Steven Swanson. Committed to quality design and craftsmanship, Flotiform jewelry stands are locally made in small batches. Thank you for supporting products Made in the USA. 

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