RICE PACK Draw-string Bag

RICE PACK Draw-string Bag


This listing will get you a draw-string RICE PACK bag, though not a specified graphic brand. We will be listing one of a kind bags so that you can pick the rice brand you like best -- but if you just want a bag and don't care which brand you get, purchase this listing.  

Dimensions of the flat bag are approximately 13"  wide x 18" tall.

RICE PACKs are hand-made in Minneapolis, MN from recycled woven polyethylene rice sacks sourced from local restaurants.

These one-of-a-kind bags are perfect for commuting, errands, and adventures. The woven polyethylene material is durable (original sacks are rated for 50 lbs. of rice) and water resistant. Simple, but functional drawstring style bags are now available, with larger backpacks coming soon. Check out more photos and see the bags in use at facebook.com/ricepackmn  Support your local economy, reduce the waste stream, buy RICE PACK.

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