KIVIKORU necklace 03

KIVIKORU necklace 03


Part of the new KIVIKORU line within the new SC_STERLING collection - this stone necklace features a hand-picked stone from an off-beat beach on Lake Superior that is set in a clean and simple sterling silver bezel pendant that hangs from a flat cable chain that is fixed to the pendant.


The preciousness of this stone is found in it's unique shape and the knowledge that it is both worn and softened by the tumbling waves and strong and bold, like the human spirit. Like find that one special rock, each KIVI KORU piece is one of a kind.

KIVI=stone  KORU=jewelry in Finnish, the language of my ancestors and the closest thing to a second language that I speak (not fluent, even after living in Finland - it's a tough one!)


The SC_STERLING Collection uses 100% sterling silver and is crafted entirely by hand by Tia Salmela Keobounpheng in her Minneapolis Studio. 

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