LINK LONG 2-strand necklace

LINK LONG 2-strand necklace

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The LINK LONG necklace is offered in one, two, or three strands of color-blocked links.  With six neutral and fourteen acrylic colors and three woods - and the choice of oxidized sterling silver or 14/20 gold fill chain - each necklace has the potential to be one of a kind. 

TO ORDER please select from the drop-down menus below:

  1. OX-Sterling Silver -or- 14/20 Gold-fill
  2. One, Two, or Three strands  
  3. After placing order, you will be prompted to select your color and/or wood choice. Please also provide a note with your selections noting the following:  1. Most prominent color 2. Secondary color 3. Accent color etc. 
  • NEUTRALS (TR=matte translucent, IV=glossy ivory, WH=glossy white, GY=glossy grey, BK=glossy black, MK=matte black)
  • COLORS (BU=glossy burgundy, MBU=matte burgundy, PP=matte purple, MN=matte navy, TB=translucent blue, TQ=matte turquoise, MG=matte green, NL=matte neon limon, MY=matte yellow, MO=matte orange, NP=matte neon pink, PN=glossy pink, MR=matte red, RD=glossy red)


*Oxidized Sterling Silver is 100% sterling silver that has been oxidized - as surface treatment that results in a dark appearance. Avoid polishing silver to maintain the oxidized look. 

*14/20 Gold-filled jewelry is composed of a solid layer of 14kt gold (which much constitute at least 5% of the item's total weight) mechanically bonded to sterling silver or a base metal. The gold layer found in gold-fill items is usually 50-100x thicker than what is found on a gold-plated item. It is a durable metal that lasts longer than gold-plated and is less expensive than solid gold jewelry.


   All Silvercocoon jewelry is designed by Tia Salmela Keobounpheng, and is made with care in Minneapolis, MN using the best materials and practices possible.  



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