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Introducing the OPEN DOOR pin: designed to represent the basic notion of home and shelter. The open door symbolizes our belief that our doors (and hearts) should remain open to the displaced people who need help today. In fact, our country is founded on this welcoming spirit. 

Our family and two young boys would not exist if the United States had not welcomed Souliyahn and his family as refugees from Laos in 1979, when he was 8 years old. Through the sales of this pin, we will make donations to The American Refugee Committee - an organization based in our home-town of Minneapolis that has worked to help refugees all across the world since 1979 - the same year Souliyahn arrived. 

We are giving you five different purchase options - ranging from $10-$50 donation levels on top of the cost to make the pin. Each pin is made by hand (one at a time, by Tia in her Minneapolis studio) from 18 gauge sterling silver and features a pinch-clasp pin-backer with a smooth back. It measures just over 1/2 inch tall.

Thank you so much for helping us make a difference, one little pin at a time!




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