Hi! I am Tia Keo, the designer and maker behind Silvercocoon jewelry. 

I believe in using your best dishes every day and I'm also a fan of comfortable shoes. I strive to design jewelry that meets the modern woman at every age. Today's modern woman is active and creative. She is brave and courageous and sets her own rules and she deserves comfortable and bold jewelry that empowers her to be exactly who she needs to be every single day.

In Fall 2007 I was introduced to a friend's laser-cutter and it opened a door for me that allowed me to create my own jewelry components. I debuted my laser-cut collection at a solo trunk show at the Walker Art Center store in December 2007 and my jewelry has been carried in the Walker cases ever since. In the following years I juggled growing my jewelry collection and raising babies, working with sales reps, exhibiting at big wholesale shows in NYC and trying a whole bunch of things to make a living as an artist. 

As my kids grew my abilities and interests also grew. After burning-out in 2014, I began to nuruture myself and explore again. Returning to my love of weaving brought me back to handwork and was a perfect launching point to learning how to work in metal. In 2016, I launched my first collection of metal earrings called the BENT Collection. A one-week intensive training with a seasoned silversmith in August 2016 raised the level of my metalwork across the board. 

In 2017 I received a MN State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant which allowed me to outfit my studio with the metal-working equipment I need to incorporate my new skills into my daily work. My grant project, 100 Days of Metal Exploration, inspired a flood of new ideas and initiated new discoveries in the realm of sculpture. During my metal explorations, I started a daily watercolor practice that will reach its 365th day on April 4, 2018. You can learn more about all of my artist endeavors at tiakeoart.com