i should start by saying that i have never worn a piece of gold jewelry in my life - no kidding. i think that people/families tend to be gold or silver people/families and mine was definately a silver (steel, gray, black metal etc.) family.
so, you can imagine my dilema when i found an awesome dress to wear to a dinner on the eve following my brother's wedding that was navy blue with an empire-band with GOLD stitching. perhaps i could have passed on the dress because of it - but really, i couldn't. (it's one of those dresses that makes you feel really feminine and sexy.)
so, it left me with a little design problem and it is one that has come to fascinate me. "Could my jewelry designs handle gold??" it is really an exciting idea -(particularly given my opening-statement re: my blatent generalization about people being gold or silver people)- that i could possibly appeal to a realm of people who would normally not even consider looking at my jewelry. it is an on-going experiment of mine - but i thought i would share this design that i adapted to go with my dress.
to adapt my HOLLOW necklace: i used a longer and less-rigid chain so that it would hang lower (deep V) and gold-colored rings for the connections. upon discussing with my husband and graphic designer-brother (not the one getting married) - the gold in combination with the acrylic it has a really "edgy" feel to it - almost 80's-ish. i don't think i intended for that to happen but it is interesting how things can take on a life of their own!
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