loose ends

i've spent the last several days checking-off the items on my to-do list. i've been printing labels for earring-cards and sales-bags. i still have a few loose-ends to tie-up, but i am nearly ready to leave for baltimore on thursday morning.
it is crazy to think that martha is already there - probably with her space set-up and ready to go for the wholesale show which starts tomorrow. i'm excited to see her exhibit on thursday afternoon before she packs-up and before i unpack for a long weekend of the public show.
i think it is inevitable, as you get close to actually doing something that you've prepared a long time for, that thoughts of uncertainty creap in. today those thoughts arrived - wondering if it is going to be worth all that i've put into it ... of course it will be worth it, but it is safe to say that i'm getting anxious ... i hope it goes well ........
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