my presentation at the ACC show in st. paul went smoothly. i'm starting to trust my instincts more and am proud of the fact that i prepared adequately for the event, without over-preparing. my natural tendancy to over-prepare has, in the past, left me feeling disappointed and often with an extra amount of product left over or too much time invested in an activity. in my life, i have always been the practical-sort who takes "special" days in stride, because - they are still just one day. that does not mean that i don't revel in the "special-ness" of the little things that lead to or make up big days. anyway - i have been trying to bring some of the practicality to my making and my work. i have been trying to balance what things MEAN.... a big show with big exposure and a big turnout, for example -- what does that mean for me? i suppose it is like anything - there are quantitative and qualitative values to everything. some things you can count and tally and then in other instances a connection that leads to something else and something else and something else over a period of time is of immeasuable value.
so anyway - a highlight from the show was seeing my name on such an official board at the show and some photos that my 2 1/2 year old son took of the event (on their way...) -- the turn out was low (but not out of line from what i expected) and it got me out, gave me an opportunity to talk, out loud, about my process, inspiration and the implications of technology in my work -- and that process alone, has already given back. (the earrings i made since the show ... and have been wearing for the past several days ... a product of getting my mind going...)