breaking the "rules"

for whatever reason, i have tried to keep this blog about my jewelry and making ... separating the personal & mom-stuff into different blogs. (perhaps my perceived need to keep things "professional" -- perhaps silly???)

well, when i saw this stack of cookies over at assemblage (half a world away) i couldn't help but get excited ... first to make the cookies (lucky girl, me!) and second because it gives me a reason to talk about my rekindled desire to make food from scratch, to eat in my home, and to not eat out or take-out so much. i find the same sense of pride in the food that i've been making as i do in my jewelry. it's not that my meals are anything out of the ordinary - just that there is something about taking individual ingrediants and putting them together to make a nuorishing meal that is akin to making an object - to designing. beyond that, though, it satisfies a small part of the need in me to feel like a good mom -- basic, old-fashioned, and real.....

this morning i took an extra 45 minutes to stop at the playground before dropping my boy off at his grandmother's house......he rejuvinates me.