fall feeling

it has been somewhat surprising how quickly fall has arrived in minneapolis. the arrival of cool weather timed itself perfectly with labor day, and while we've had a fair share of warm days in the last couple weeks, the nights and early mornings have been cool and all instincts are shifting with the season. {it makes me think about kirsten, half a world away, having her own spring-inclinations...in september!} i've been wearing jeans and cotton sweaters the last two days, but am still holding on to my sandals (they help regulate my internal thermostat that is prone to over-heating in this adjustment phase of season-change.) fall's arrival has also shifted my desire for richer colors and wood materials. for the first time in a year, i am testing my designs out in BLACK. {those who know me know that i wear a lot of black} i must admit, it feels really good! i'm not sure why it has taken me so long.
i'm also doing dark brown, golden yellow, and light grey. the light grey reads differently that i expected/wanted it to....almost like it is not grey enough. maybe it just reads lighter when paired with a dark wood. maybe it needs to be paired with white in order for it really read grey? i'm not sure yet... {reminds me of martha and her greys.}
i'm working on some new designs as well, a couple specifically for the fashion show this weekend and a couple for a more permanent collection. but i am not ready to share just yet. stay tuned ......

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