this is another new piece that i previewed at the fashion show last weekend: the HIVE_brooch/necklace.
earlier this year i found a "vacant" dried out bee hive on the sidewalk in front of our house. i brought it in and looked at it on my desk for weeks, mesmerized and totally inspired by it. i started designing a piece comprised of perfect hexagons, but i wasn't satisfied with the result and felt it lacked the impact of "three-dimensionality" that the actual hive possessed. i spent a lot of time working things out in autocad and am pretty excited about the perspective that i achieved. the piece is as flat as all the others, but jumps out at your ... or sucks you in, depending on how you look at it.

{side note} some of you have asked when/where these new pieces will be available and wanted to let you know that i am still refining some of the connections and details of these pieces - since i basically made one of each for the runway show .. prototypes, if you will. i will keep you posted as soon as i feel confident in the details and have a chance to make a few more of each to sell ... so please stay tuned! THANK YOU
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