one year ... transition

it hadn't occured to me until i was thinking about a title for this post, that i have officially reached the one year point for this little 'jewelry-thing' that i've been doing. it is a good milestone to have reached, but it has been the one furthest from my mind these past couple weeks.

i've been neglecting this blog because i've been transitioning into a new living arrangement ... my husband, son and i have welcomed another family {of three} into our home for the next 10 months. not just any family - but my dearest friends from Oulu, Finland {and their 4 year old boy} ... whom i met when i was 18 years old and an exchange student in their school. over the last 13 years we have visited back and forth several times and our friendship continues to grow deeper and deeper roots.

while the last 3 weeks of transition have been quite smooth {especially considering the boys are sharing a room and do not speak the same language} - and while i've even been working on some excting new things for the fall - my full days have stripped me of some of the extra time i used to blog. i am confident that it will get easier as everything else continues to fall into place and the routines become more fluid...... i must also remind myself that the last week of 'summer' is always hectic - with my son's birthday (3!) and the minnesota state fair (& free brandi carlile concert!) ... and labor day.

we returned today from a long weekend in duluth ... at our 'cabin' {my newfound name for my parents' new house.} and with my parents away for the weekend, we had the place to ourselves! it is a fantastic place to reflect and take note of one's goals for the coming year....