this has been a week of accomplishments. the inclusion of my OBAMA pin on a well-read website/blog, on monday afternoon, proved to be very exciting and turned into a rapid influx of orders over the course of 24 hours with more trickling in day after day.

i purchased wood, ordered extra posts & backs, and cut wood on tuesday and started production (hand-production) of 50 pins on wednesday.

by friday i had half of the orders boxed, packaged and labeled and to the post office - with the second half of orders going out of saturday at noon. wow! all of that while getting my "day work" done! kind of exhilerating.

today i ran the twin cities marathon ... my first marathon since giving birth to my son: a huge accomplishment for me. it went well and i finished feeling really strong! pretty sore now, though {with stiff joints and blisters from the 1.5 hours of rain starting at mile 2!} but that's what comes with running marathons.
i must say that i am so in love with the graphics package this year {so obvious they hired a designer!} it is just beautiful - from the postcards and posters to the "awards" given away .... i like the color, texture/layering and consistency throughout - making the finishers t-shirt something i envision actually wearing! {it is a long-sleeve wicking-material making it perfect for training in usually finishers t-shirts are cotton, so this is a bonus!} BUT .. my absolute favorite is the finisher's medal because it carries through the 08 graphic that i've been seeing since last year. i love the shape, the layout of the imagery on the medal and the way that it hangs on the ribbon. (and you see the 08 graphic carried through on the orange ribbon and how it becomes a repeated pattern.) mmm nice!