party & sale

the silvercocoon winter party & sale this past thursday was so much fun! thank you to berry, martha, karin, margaret, bob & susi, and delia for being a part of it! it was exciting to see so many of my favorite things all in one place. thank you to all the familiar faces who showed-up and thank you to the new faces that i hope to meet again.

my only regret of the evening is that i did not take a single photo {i thank berry for providing me with these images} and i entirely missed a shot of the backyard. souliyahn {husband and other half of silvercocoon} decorated the airstream this year, hung lights and built a gorgeous fire in the pit, even shoveling pathways in the snow to reach it. it was a lovely night {in the 20s} perfect weather for sitting around a fire. sorry i'm not able to share the ambiance.

the house was warm and full of goodies ranging from jewelry to scarves to toys to artwork to calendars to buttery-sweets to our modern tannenbaum and ornaments. we had a great turnout and one fine young lady told me, "you've saved me this year. one-stop shopping, i love it!" her bag was full of goodies from virtually everyone selling that evening. if you missed the sale, but wish you hadn't, be sure to email me and i will add you to our mailing list for next year. mailto:%[email protected]}