it's a new day ....

yes, it's a new day ... one that all of us will tell our grandchildren about. "where were you when ..." regardless of our positions, or our beliefs, who we voted for or who we hope for... this day a new president will be sworn into office and he has the task of helping us save our country, our lives - our dreams. i choose to believe in his ability to do so, because i want to believe my own ability to do so, too.

these pictures are ones that were sent to me from just a fraction of the Obama supporters who bought one of my pieces. i had envisioned a collage much larger than this one, because i asked each and everyone of them if they would send a picture, but i guess most people are camera shy.... it is ok. the comments and notes that i received from customers over the past several months have been so nice - it brings me back to the energy at the rally in st.paul ... feeling a part of something that was so much larger than myself. so much larger than anything i've ever experienced. something is happening .... and it is happening TODAY!

i'll be watching the inauguration on tv ... and then heading to the university for the first day of the design workshop that i am teaching at the school of architecture! exciting day, all around!