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back in december after the silvercocoon sale, martha and i made a trade. i got this lovely scarf (that i wear constantly) and martha chose the grey version of my single layer HIVE necklace. i love this picture that she posted on her blog!

i'm happy to report that both the grey and black HIVE necklaces are now available in my shop. -- my first intention during the design development of this necklace was to make it a double-layered piece like so many of my others - and i liked the idea of contrasting colors etc. -- but, for some reason, in actuality the double layers just did not feel as good as a single layer version. the lightness of the single layer then required a more flexible neck wire than the ones i had been using. i opted for a small "ball" chain in sterling silver that is considerably less expensive than the the ones i use for other designs, and there is a practical quality to this chain that i really like. all of these moves positively affect my prices, which always feels good -- {for the record, i have been making the wood versions of the HIVE necklace double-layered (like the brooches) on the original sterling neck wires - mostly for strength & durability sake - but they are more in line with my other prices.}

i am a pretty practical person - one who cares about my appearance, but who also has so much going on that there isn't always time to "doll" myself up. this being said, i wear a black HIVE necklace nearly everyday - mostly because it is so light that i barely notice that i have it on - but also because it makes me feel like my boring little self can be "salvaged" when i have it on.
SO - the added ease and practicality that was reached with the acrylic HIVE necklaces got me thinking and revisiting some of my older designs. I have created a single-layer version of the POMEGRANATE necklace with the same sterling chain -- the translucent and red versions are also available in my shop. others are on their way as well.....

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