derivatives, variations : derivations

when i was first asked to be a part of VOLTAGE, my mind started racing with ideas of new things: new forms, materials, and even processes. i have several pages of sketches that are complete departures from what i have been doing the past 2 years and i was pretty psyched. however, i was *technically* asked to design pieces for another designer's collection, and when i started getting images of the actual pieces and certain details end-up being different than my interpretation of early sketches, i paused and took a step back. if it was a fashion show only about my accessories, i would have blown full speed ahead, but Arwyn Birch's collection was bold in a way that required me to boldly contrast, while also quietly complimenting her. i started revisiting my exisiting work, looking for opportunities to exaggerate it for the runway while also fitting each individual outfit.

these hollow and solid BUNCH necklaces are an example of the derivations from my original designs (example below). in addition to a larger bunch of rings, and their orientation, i used leather strips for the neck pieces and hand-stitched them. (one of the processes i had been trying to incorporate) and in the wood necklace, i oxidized (using eggs) the sterling silver to reduce the contrast between the wood and the metal.

i also found it very helpful to create these visual collages for each outfit -(similar to the types of collages i do for interior design projects)- so that once an outfit was complete, i could free up some of the visual memory in my head .... seeing it "complete" helped me let go and stop thinking about it while i was cooking dinner or doing laundry, and allowed me to instead think about the outfits that weren't done. it also worked out well to print them out and put them on the boxes (shown earlier) to keep things organized backstage at the show.

i plan to have a few of these at the Walker Jewelry Mart this saturday... along with some other new(er) stuff that i will share in my next post.