i can't believe it has taken me over a week to post these pictures from the Walker Jewelry Mart! now that the weather is sooo lovely (and we've expanded our vegetable garden by 200%) i'm finding it harder to carve time away to blog --- (i will try harder, though, because the act of blogging helps me feel more grounded in what i've done and need to do)
the Walker Jewelry Artist Mart was a lot of fun this year. it was held in the Cargill Lounge for the first time, and i must say that i liked that space better than the skyline room because it sits between the entrances to two main galleries and it attracted gallery-goers who might not have otherwise found us upstairs. the energy was great and the place was full of people all day long! the added offerings (there were approx. 8 more artists than in previous sales) seemed to bring in more people instead of more competition which was fantastic for me! i had a great day - thanks to all of you who came out to look as well as those who purchased from me. i am happy to report that i sold out of the new BUNCH necklaces !!
i "spiced-up" my display a little this time: using one of our 3ft. trees to display earrings, adding 2 small image boards on each side of the tree, and displaying pricing on formatted cards that included small drawings of each item to keep information as clear as possible. -- i hate having to price each individual piece because tags distract so much from the work itself. it probably didn't save me any time, when all was said and done, but that's OK. i like the way that it looked.