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Over the next several posts, I will be featuring some of the people involved in the catalog/book project.
This is Phon - a total city-girl. She works in downtown Minneapolis for a major bank and I can't even wrap my mind around the work that she does. It involves processing/testing projects & data. She is a very social person and loves spending time with friends and family.
Despite being extremely fashionable when it comes to clothes and shoes and hair-dos -- she very rarely wears jewelry (even engagement rings!) I was hoping these photographs might convince her that she SHOULD wear more jewelry, but I'm afraid old habits might die hard. Only time will tell....
Her dog is named Charlie and he behaved (and performed!) so well during this photo shoot that he should get a medal!
I have known Phon for 10 years. She is my husband's sister, my sister-in-law, and god-mother to my son. She lives 1 house down from us and the majority of these photos were taken in/around my backyard, driveway and alley. Thank you, Phon!
More photos can be viewed on our website here and in the digital catalog down-loadable here (11MB).
all photos by: Paige DeWees
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