New & Improved SHOP!

As slowly as this year started off, things have really picked-up for me with special projects that I've laid out for myself & my business. I've been plugging away at some improvements to the SHOP link from our website. Last fall when we were giving our site a face-lift, I had struggled with complexities that come with structuring a site that deals with large and small projects, services and products -- and the best way to communicate the breadth and depth of all that we do over here in our little cocoon. At the time, I had settled for putting a new & improved jewelry/shop on the back burner for the sake of the greater silvercocoon good - which I think was a smart decision. It became clear though, that the back burner was getting pretty hot and I needed to get that project off to a new start this year. And so - that is what I've done.
I'm excited to share it with you here - and will explain a bit about how things have changed. BEFORE, when you clicked the SHOP link on our site, you were greeted with a page that listed the brick & mortar locations of where you could find my work, a link to my etsy-shop (online) as well as the ability to download (to view) a digital version of my catalog/book or purchase a hard copy of your own through a link to --- and now AFTER, when you click on the SHOP link on our site, you will be greeted with our new SHOP! (yippee!) On that page, you will still find the brick & mortar locations under the Retailers page, a link to my artist's statement/bio, a FAQ page that simply lets potential retailers know that I wholesale my line, the catalog(pdf) can still be downloaded to view. I will continue to make small improvements to each product page so that for example each has a dimensions and color/material options image, but 99% of products are posted and viewable in this shop.
When it comes to shopping, there are many great features. The main homepage gives a great overview. Click 'all' and you can see every item in the shop with it's price. Click necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pins if that is specifically what you are looking for -- or search by key words if you are looking for a specific piece. I am so excited that you are now able to select specific options (like color, wood type, or size) when purchasing. The shopping cart is visual and straight forward making purchasing a breeze and safe with the use of paypal. (can you tell I'm excited?)
For the etsy-lovers out there, I will be maintaining my etsy site (and you will still be able to find a link to it from this blog) and will slowly begin to offer more SALE/discontinued and older pieces that are just sitting around my studio (an online sample sale, if you will...)

Soooo, What do you think? I'd love to hear your feedback about all of these new arrangements, and any kinks you might find. ....... and Thanks!