NY NOW ... aka NY Gift Show

I am a busy buzy bee making jewelry and ornaments to fill the many orders I wrote at the NY NOW Gift Show in August. My lovely mother accompanied me again and she was a fantastic assistant, even sacrificing exciting plans for her birthday to sit at a trade show with me all day. It was great to see fellow exhibitors from last January, as well as meet some fun new people including Bronwen from Bronwen handcrafted jewelry and Rebecca and Abby from Queen Bee Creations among others. 

I was excited to show my ornaments this time around -- and even more excited to debut the Flotiform collection that Steve Swanson from Danish Teak Classics and I have been developing. Everything was received really well, with some retailers ordering jewelry and Flotiform, or jewelry and ornaments, or just one of the three product offerings. 

I managed, yet again, to carry 90% of my booth in the 2 carry-on's we were allowed on the plane with us. I ordered a smaller version of my big silver-case from Rio Grande and was able to fill all of the jewelry in 4 trays and the majority of the earring stands & bases in remaining 2 trays. Once we got to the show, I wrapped each of the 2" high trays with white paper and used them as risers for the earring stands. Necklaces were displayed on paper-wrapped sheets of foam-core that were propped-up at a slight angle. All of my banners (sized specifically to the width of my carry-on case) were rolled-up around a fat tube that housed the dowels that would ultimately hang the banners. Table clothes and the Flotiform samples were also housed in the second carry-on. Hand tools and those sorts of things were put in our checked bags. Pretty much everything had a purpose. Efficiency at its best - right there! Even more efficient than our trip in January!  

We had a nicer booth package this time, with stretched fabric walls that gave the look of a hard-walled booth. One day, I will have me a hard-walled booth and I'll be able to utilize the walls more powerfully. .... One day. :) Until then, I think it looked pretty good.  

Click through the images below to see the before, during, and after shots of the booth as well as a one of my mom wearing the belt that coordinated beautifully with her Paduak wood earrings and pin -- and one of me wearing the new ARROW earring in Ivory.


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