Shop Update : Dec 12th

Sterling Silver / KIVIKORU

Added to online shop Dec 12th / 5pm CST

I have been busy making a batch of one-of-a-kind sterling silver pieces for holiday shows. My last holiday sale is this Saturday, Dec 10th, in Duluth. On Monday the 12th I will add the remaining sterling silver pieces to the online shop. 

Sterling silver earrings, cuff bracelets and stone-set rings and pendants will be included. 

KIVIKORU is the name I've given to the collection of Lake Superior stone rings and pendants. KIVI=stone and KORU= jewelry in Finnish (the language of my heritage and of the only other country that I've called home.) 

All items that are added to the shop will be already made and ready to ship, so there is plenty of time to get it to you by Christmas. 

Tia KeobounphengComment