#silversmithintraining part one

In August, I traveled north to Bayfield, Wisconsin to spend a week with established Silver-smith Donalee Kennedy. I stayed on site, in a sweet living unit above the studio which allowed me to completely immerse myself in learning. Between "class-time" during the day and "free work time" in the evenings, I basically slept, ate, and worked! Truly an intensive week that laid a solid foundation of of silver-smithing skills for me to build on as I move forward in this new direction.  

One of the many new things I learned was stone-setting, and I was able to practice and several pieces. I am sharing photos of a few here and will continue to share more images of the work I made during my week in Bayfield on Instagram (@tia_silvercocoon) and in future blog posts. Several pieces have inspired my next collection - which won't be unveiled until November, so please stay tuned! 

Tia KeobounphengComment