100 Days of Creative Balance

On April 4, 2017 Tia embarked on a 100 day project along with countless others who committed to share a creative endeavor of some kind on Instagram each day for 100 days. Intended to be a reward at the end of a productive day, Tia allowed herself one watercolor painting each evening as a means of balancing out the entreprenuerial-driven creative energy of her work with a more free flowing creative energy. On a whim, she created a 10x10 grid of dots for her first piece and ultimately that grid was the starting point for each and every piece. 

Tia gave an artist talk on August 6th at the American Swedish Institute (ASI) as part of her Artist Initiative Grant work through the Minnesota State Arts Board. She spoke about her experience of being a working artist in Minnesota, including sharing candidly about burning out and finding a way to rekindle her passion and creative fire. The 100 day project is the most recent ingredient in that ongoing remedy and was installed for the day during the talk for visitors to view.  

ASI asked to keep the project on view for a longer period of time. It is installed on the main floor near FIKA on the way to the mansion and will remain there through October 29th. 

Click to view Tia's 100 Day Project

Follow-along as she continues with her daily drawing & painting - going for 365 - on Instagram @tia_silvercocoon

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