Classic Design. Simple style. Everyday practicality.

Silvercocoon jewelry: the classics

Silvercocoon jewelry: the classics

When I started designing and making the first Silvercocoon laser-cut jewelry collection, I had a clear mission: Classic Design. Simple style. Everyday practicality.

Inspired by the Finnish design companies that I learned to love growing-up as a Finnish-American, I gained a different kind of respect and reverence for the founding principles that companies like IITALA, Hackman, Arabia, Marimekko and Aarika were founded on when I lived in Oulu, Finland for a year in 1995-96.

The best design should serve everyone, every day … and it can stand the test of time. 2018 marks the 60th birthday of the Kartio glass, designed by Kaj Frank for iittala in 1958, it is the most used, most available and most celebrated (by me) design. It fits within a family of design that is standing the test of time.

The POD earrings and POD collection is over 10 years old and it is quickly becoming a classic Silvercocoon design. I hope to be celebrating it again in another 10 years .. and more after that!