ONE OF A KIND in chicago

thank you to those of you who have inquired about my time in chicago for the ONE OF A KIND show. it has taken nearly a week to get myself back together enough to blog again... my friend, berry, and i left at 5am wednesday morning and arrived home at 2am monday morning. the show was what i knew it would be all of the good, bad, indifferent .. exciting, promising and most of all exhausting. i didn't sell as much as i dreamed i would, but developed several wholesale contacts with high-quality establishments which really made everything worth while. i was able to interact with customers and to the select group who spent more than 10 minutes chatting with me, i thank you! we also met some great artists who were also in the show - who were very open and honest about the process of doing these things. i'm not convinced i'm cut out for these shows....but that could be the {billable-hour} architect in me shining through... anyway, that can wait for another time. here are some images of my booth {and my attempt to work with a horrendously placed column!}

luckily {thanks to a great deal on} this is the place we called home at the end of each night. and while the nights were short and the days at the show were long, i did capture images of a couple inspiring buildings/spaces. i will share those, along with some of the inspiring people we met in my next post.

last, and most importantly, this post is dedicated to my dear friend berry, without whom i would certainly have lost my mind ... i cannot thank her enough for putting up with me during such a stressful time!