catalog model profile four

This is Connie. Connie was scheduled in the first "wave" of models for the Walker shoot. She is someone that Paige has known for a few years and I met her for the first time at that day. She was full of positive/playful energy and you can see it in the photographs of her. She was ON that day, ready to be a model and I can't thank her enough for that!
I love so many of the photos of her and Mohannad and this one that I chose to print as a postcard for my trunk show preview party invitations and for continued promotion of my work. But, I also love the photos of just her.
Paige had told me that Connie worked as a cashier for Cub Foods in Fridley and so you can imagine my surprise when I walked into the Cub that I frequent (not in Fridley) and found Connie standing there in the Self-Checkout aisle. We made eye contact and it was as if you could see little gears clicking back in our brains to all the times we had seen each other before technically meeting eachother at the photoshoot. Months and months of encounters. (She's seen me with my son, my friends from Finland, my husband...) We have many more meetings to look forward to in the future.
In fact I've just come from visiting her this morning at the store. I went to drop off these temporary business cards that I whipped-up last night for her. She is starting a small box-lunch business and I hear she makes a mean peach-cobbler. I can't wait to try it for myself!
Thank you, Connie!
all photographs by: Paige DeWees
(snapshot of cards by me)