post-show post

It is hard to believe that the trunk show & catalog release party that I've been preparing for for months is over...not in a longing way, but more in the amazing way that time can pass when there is work to do. I thought I'd share a few snapshots of the way the space was set-up for the show.
The Danish Teak Classics showroom is a huge, gorgeous space in and old factory building. There are columns throughout the space that create order and my little L-shaped space was nestled into 2 of these such-bays. on one end of the L were 2 tables containing my jewelry. It also hung from hooks on the wall. On the other end of the L we set-up a projector showing all the images from the 4 photo shoots that Paige and I completed as a slide show.

when people entered they could also explore our website and look through the physical catalog/book.

Steve, the proprietor of Danish Teak Classics, made a bunch of these gorgeous white wall hooks that housed my jewelry so perfectly. He made a batch of them and I would encourage anyone who is interested in them to contact DTC. --- You can see that I had several BUNCH necklaces for the show - each one of a kind - that sold really well.
I also "unveiled" the WOOD-STRIPE bracelets that I've been working on for a while now. They are yet another refinement upon these original wood-layer bracelets, only they are much thinner which makes them extremely elegant and refined in a way that makes me almost amazed with myself. I started with even stripes (inspired by marimekko t-shirts) and have since been playing around with the composition of the layers & am experimenting with a glossy finish.

an enormous THANK YOU goes out to Danish Teak Classics for hosting me so graciously in their space. Thanks to the lovely family and friends who helped prepare everything. Thank you's also go out to the local press that gave my show a mention: MN Monthly magazine, MSP's SWAG email newsletter, Star Tribune and the Popfizzdaily blog. and of course Paige DeWees, who I've thanked before, but will continue to thank for an amazing collaboration that is hopefully only the start of many more fun projects together.
This trunk show really feels like a launching point - as it marks the start of some BIG things coming my way in the future (will share more soon) and most importantly - an opportunity to really step back and take note of where I am in this jewelry business of mine. I feel that I have gained a new perspective and a fresh and inspired outlook on where I need to go from here. Never before have I felt so hopeful for what the future might bring ... and I know that it is the result of 2 years of continued hard work and persistence, and it will require much more of the same, but I love what I am doing and and that is what makes it so rewarding.