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As promised, I am sharing images of some of the new work that I showed at last weeks trunk show. I have a tendency to draw-out my design process - where I "live with" pieces before revealing them to others. I draw things out to the point that even after a new piece is made and shown to people, I need to see it in a photograph to really know how I feel about it. Probably just helps me step away from the work to see if from a more unbiased perspective - but this also is part of the reason why it takes me a while to post images on my blog. I have to feel ready - to be vulnerable.

That being said - I feel really good about these new pieces. I feel like I've been exaggerating my moves - taking them further, making them bigger, thicker ... more rich in material and statement, while also achieving a classier look - that hopefully has longevity. This first image is of a BUNCH_STONE necklace in paduak wood. And the WOOD_STRIPE bracelets in 11-wide versions below.

I've expanded the BUNCH necklace to the POD forms and I just can't get enough of this new Ivory color with the warm rusty-leather on the neck-band. The ivory BUNCH_POD earrings were the first to sell at the trunk show and the red pair wasn't far behind them! They are super fun, a bit heavier than my other earrings, but still lightweight in comparison to large metal earrings.

I made a smaller version of the BUNCH_POD earrings as wels as a smaller version of the DRAPE earrings (and the POD - not pictured)
And on a simpler note, these RAIN earrings also had a great response. Somehow they seem perfect for fall ... maybe that is simply because we have been having so much rain these days?!?

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