playing a bit of catch-up

So, in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and being so-pregnant last November & December, I neglected to share any of my new jewelry work from my "winter collection". I revisited an idea that was such an integral part of my initial collection back in 2007 = SANDBLASTED acrylic. And then I added a new element - OXIDIZED sterling silver. I have talked before about how the even the smallest moves have the power to completely transform the feel of an object. I knew how beautiful the translucent acrylic was when sandblasted, as well as sandblasted red. But I was entirely blown away by the effect of sandblasted black: it was transformed into the ultimate (architect's) charcoal gray - pure excitement! If the sandblasting was transforming, then the oxidizing of the silver was the perfect mature match to the look -- it had the same effect with wood. These changes breahted new life into my collection, making it feel fresh and mature.

For the Walker Jewelry Mart back in November, I offered Translucent, Matte Black, Matte Red and Matte Brown as well as Cherry, Walnut, Paduak and Maple wood - all with the oxidized sterling. It was very well received and I will continue making/offering these material finishes going forward. In fact, I'm adding sandblasted ORANGE to the list for Spring and Summer! (Updates have been made in my online shop, but if you notice something I've missed, just send me a note.)

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