Customizing Carpet Tiles for Clients

 The McConnell Davis interior renovation has been complete for nearly 2 years, but that doesn't mean we're not still working on the details which means finding the right furniture and furnishing details that are just right and right for their budget (which sometimes means waiting until the time is right.) The latest layer that we tackled was the floor of the entry. Like the palm of a hand that has fingers spreading out in different directions, their entry contains a "landing space" that receives a lot of traffic coming and going, but also features a skylight that brings wonderful natural light right into that space and really allows it to be more than a traffic route. We had struggled considering square rugs and round rugs and odd-shaped rugs and multiple rugs. Each, more complex consideration, carried with it a higher price tag. So, we decided to Do It Ourselves ... or I should say I told them I would do it with/for them. You can see here that we ended-up with 3 unique organic shapes in three colors and sizes that I designed specifically for the space. Turned out pretty swell, if I do say so myself!