a day of snow

last night my husband and son and i spent an hour outside, shoveling the new snow from our patio and driveway. i took this photo (by the light of our garage light) because i knew i'd forget in the morning to capture the perfect puffy-ness of the snow on top of our garden pots and the lovely wave that is created between the pots. i love fresh snow because of these things. i can't speak for other minnesotans - but i think that it speaks of my "minnesotaness" when i say that i love to shovel! there is something entirely gratifying about clearing a sidewalk and making a clean and orderly line along both edges - something instantly gratifying about the line that slowly moves down the driveway marking my progress. it is a bit like mowing the grass in the summer. {have i mentioned this before??} i've always said that if i needed to stop doing what i was doing, i could be one of the people who drives the big lawn mowers on golf courses, or on the parkway ... or along the interstate. i could do that........ at least for a while
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