eshelman pottery

paul eshelman of eshelman pottery is one of the artists that i met at the one of a kind show in chicago. i was drawn into his booth by the simple and graceful forms and solid matte glazes. {after speaking to him for a while, i learned he went to RISD.} the black glaze was undoubtedly my favorite and the reveal of the red unglazed stoneware sealed the deal for me - a lovely balance of modern and organic! i purchased one of these espresso cups for my husband. he uses it everyday and says it fits him perfectly. i'm not able to make direct links to different items on his site (look under gallery) but - i also loved the large casserole, the oval cups & tumblers, the boat bowls and the bump bowls......... all in black, of course! he is offering 10% off and free shipping during the months of january and february. oh, that is so tempting!