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slighting ironic that i discovered this article on NORDIC REACH magazine's website the day after OBAMA's inauguration -- because the serendipidous photoshoot took place back in the fall, the day after the OBAMA rally in St.Paul. through a rather strange course of events, i got a call around 10:30am from Ulf, the editor of the magazine, asking if i'd be available for a quick photoshoot at 11:30 that morning. they were making a trip around the midwest looking for people with scandivian roots and my name had been forwarded to him last minute and they had an unexpected 1hour opening -- could i be there? ... SURE! It was great {despite the humidity and the unpleasant effect it had on my hair...} and I had so much fun chatting with Ulf {it was only then, through our conversation, that he made the connection that he had *almost* met my father at an event in michigan - and we marveled at how small the world is} and i have been anxiously waiting to see if i would actually make it to print. {note: i have not officially seen the hard-copy issue...} you can read the story online here. {note: walter mondale is people/170!}

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