My son is always asking me to make him some jewelry. In the past I've just thrown something little together for him to play around in, but now that I am working with wool, I've been throwing around some ideas with him in mind. This is a name bracelet that I made for him. I kept it really basic in order to make it as sturdy as possible since he loves to take it off and put it back on all by himself. I could probably shrink it down even more (with a smaller snap perhaps) to make it even more scaled for his little wrist.
I made a pink one as a gift for a neighbor girl (with her name on it) who just turned 3 and I've been thinking it might be fun to offer these custom KIDDIE_Cuffs exclusively through my etsy shop - so that I can try to bring the price down -(closer to a wholesale price since I wouldn't retail them anywhere else)- and into a more reasonable range for "childware". I could offer them in the same colors that I've selected for the HIVE cuffs. My question is, would anyone buy these? ... and, how much would one pay for such a thing? Maybe they are simply destined to be special gifts for friends.......
Since he was such a good sport to model for me, I tought I'd include a shot of my son in his bat costume. He can't wait to go trick or treating!

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